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Bolivie : la Constitution reconnaît 36 langues indigènes

Doereieù a vro vBolivia a zo bet kaset e saozneg get an "newsletter" Mercartor; du-hont, 36 yezh genidig a zo bet anavezet get al lezenn stur/La "newsletter" Mercartor publie des nouvelles de Bolivie où la nouvelle Constitution reconnaît désormais 36 langues indigènes. Le texte est en anglais :

"Bolivians approve new Constitution recognizing indigenous languages :

A new Constitution recognizing up to 36 indigenous languages was approved in a referendum held in Bolivia last January. All native languages of Bolivia acquire official status, alongside Spanish. A whole chapter of the Constitution is aimed at listing the rights of the indigenous nations, such as the right of “using and exclusively optimize renewable resources in their territories, without detriment to rights rightfully acquired by third parties”.

Never before a Bolivian Constitution had gone this far regarding the recognition of autochthonous peoples. It recognizes for the indigenous nations the right to their “self-government, culture, institutions and consolidation of their administrative territories”.

What makes the new Bolivian legal framework complex is that it grants two types of autonomous territories: self-government for indigenous territories, but also for administrative departments. Therefore, the setting up of indigenous autonomies will have to overlap departmental autonomies, since the Bolivian territory was already divided in administrative departments. However, the Constitution clearly defines which powers are to be transferred to each of the autonomies."